Class Descriptions

Alignment Yoga with Nicole

This is leisurely paced all-levels class offering a focus on alignment - the term we use in yoga asana to describe the precise way to do any given pose in order to maximize its benefits and minimize the risk of injury. Expect an opening meditation and breath work, followed by a mix of floor-based and standing postures. This class offers a nuanced approach for students who wish to cultivate a deeper awareness of the subtleties of yoga asana in the physical body.

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Flow to Yin with Heather  

A slowly strengthening class to help wind down the day and get through the middle of the week. The first half of class we move through moon salutations and yoga flows to connect to the breath and release tension in the body. The second half of class is all Yin Yoga where we hold poses for 3-5 minutes. Yin allows us to sit still, meditate with the breath, move past the muscles and into the connective tissues.


We use props to help bring comfort to the poses with options to modify. Guaranteed to give you a good night's sleep!

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Flow Yoga with Cierra

A well-rounded yoga sequence to build strength, balance and flexibility in the body. This will be a continuously flowing practice with the intention of maintaining focus on & awareness of the subtlety and depth of breath and body as we move. We’ll begin with pranayama (breathwork) to promote mindful relaxation, and strengthen the connection between mind and body. You'll move through traditional sun salutations, standing, balancing and seated postures. Expect optional vinyasas and weight-bearing asanas like downward-facing dog, with opportunities to modify or use props - suitable for all levels.

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Gentle Flow with Jess

The class links breath to movement as students stretch and strengthen the body from head to toe. This class recognizes that all bodies are unique and that we come to the mat as a new person every day, and encourages students to move in the way that suits them best. Find both strength and ease in a variety of familiar yoga poses, including gently flowing supine, seated, standing, and balance poses, all combined with dynamic movement to gently open muscles and joints. Options are given for poses that make the class both accessible and challenging for new and experienced yogis.


Gentle Yoga with Meadow

This is a tranquil, slower moving class that focuses on mindfully lengthening and strengthening the body with passive and supported postures, gentle flowing sequences, and breath work. Find poses gradually and use props and dynamic movement to settle in to the body and calm the mind. We’ll protect our joints while gently building strength and safely stretching the whole body. This class is perfect for those who are just beginning their yoga practice or for anyone seeking to unwind from the day with a more relaxed approach to their practice.


Mind Yoga with Nora 

Navigate expanded awareness! Your "in" is through your consciousness. This discussion & guided meditation series provides students with practical tools to access, explore, enhance and develop their higher dimensional capabilities. It meets as a four-week series, sometimes with a specific area of focus such as stress. 

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Mindful Morning Flow with Lexie 

This is a well-rounded class that moves slowly, thoughtfully and deeply. Expect some physical challenge to this class – slow doesn’t necessarily mean easy! However, options will be given to help students customize postures according to their needs and energy level. Each class opens with a brief mindfulness meditation. Slow sun salutations invite students to warm up and greet the day and a series of flowing asanas will sometimes be held for longer periods to build heat and strengthen and lengthen the body. We will emphasize the union of mind, body & heart as we breathe and move together, fully experiencing our yoga practice with focus and self-awareness.


Power Flow with Heather 

We like to call this “sweaty yoga.” A vinyasa class that combines strength, balance, breath work, and flexibility to get strong and confident, we work standing postures, arm balances, inversions, and backbends, in addition to sun salutations and core strength. This challenging class connects poses in sequence to build heat and deepen your connection to the present moment. Modifications and instruction will be offered to make what seems impossible possible. No expectations, just the desire to widen your comfort zone and discover what you are capable of developing through practice.

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Restorative Yoga with Jess

Try a restorative yoga class at home for the ultimate in relaxation, in your own cozy space. In this restorative yoga class, we will use props to explore fully supported postures to help the body gently open with time and gravity. This patient approach allows the mind to find a meditative state that promotes relaxation and renewal in both body and mind. Each pose is set up with props for comfort and is held for 3 to 10 minutes. Suggested props or household items to have handy:

Several blankets, bolsters or firm pillows/cushions, blocks or sturdy rectangular objects. If possible you might even want to set up your space with candles, soft lighting, incense, etc


Rise & Shine Flow with Lisa 

During this class students will be offered heart-centered yoga philosophy, breath work, and a variety of asana (physical postures) ranging from beginner to advanced. Students are offered different options based on the most current alignment principals, designed to keep the body safe and strong. Optional vinyasa flowing sequences between longer-held postures offer students the option of building more heat during the class. Proper alignment combined with longer held postures allows students to experience the physical subtleties of each posture, while keeping the body safe. This style allows for each student to practice at their own pace, making it appropriate for all levels. 

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Slow Flow with Chelsea

This is a gentle and slowly flowing class aimed at cultivating flexibility, balance and focus. During this class, students move mindfully through a series of basic asanas, predominantly floor based with some standing and balancing poses. A playlist of modern R&B music sets a joyful tone. Props such as a pillow, blocks or blanket are encouraged if they will be beneficial to your practice.

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Sunday Morning Discussion + Meditation (Satsang) with Tom 

The first half of the program is conversation about meditation, the yogic pathways, the current science around meditation and spirituality, plus sharing, inquiry, investigation, and asking questions. It is an open forum & everyone is welcome to participate.


The second half is instruction about and the practice of natural and spontaneous meditation based on the traditions of The Yogic Pathways, Non-dual Kundalini Yoga, Maha Ati, Zen, Taoism and Science. We meditation together for 10-15 minutes at the end of the hour.


There is no need to preregister, and everyone is welcome!


Yin Flow with Lisa 

This class combines the cooling and introspective nature of Yin yoga with the warm, flowing nature of Hatha yoga. Based on the yogic concepts of Sthira (strength, steadiness) and Sukha (flexibility, ease), this class provides an opportunity for students to witness this fundamental paradox within their yoga practice. The first half of class will consist of a short Yin series. Yin yoga is meant to be practiced in a cool body which allows the postures to target the body's connective tissue, ie. fascia/tendons/ligaments. The second half of class will consist of a strengthening and stabilizing Hatha flow. If possible, please bring a towel or small blanket and any other props (blocks/strap/bolsters) to support you in your practice.


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