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Kids Of All Ages Can Learn Mindfulness Techniques by Emily Behr

At Kids Mindful Movement, we believe that mindfulness starts at birth. The earlier children begin to learn mindfulness techniques, the higher their chance to approach the world’s stresses with a calm mind and an open heart.

Our mission is to offer a non-competitive environment for kids of all ages to be themselves and have FUN without the fear of being judged. We base every class on mindfulness techniques that babies, children, and teens can incorporate into their daily lives.

I am so encouraged when I hear stories from our kids about sharing our “Sun Salutations Song” with their grandparents, showing off their tree pose, or doing their “candle breath” before they go to bed. By learning these techniques early in life, we hope that they will continue to practice and share mindfulness as they grow. This act will not only change their life but the lives of those around them.

As our community grows, our hope is to touch the lives of children of all ages and walks of life and share the message that mindfulness does not have to happen in silence, it can happen anywhere.

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