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Meet Yoga Garden PBO’s new Power Yoga teacher, Roz Tyburski

Hi Everyone!  I’m Roz. 📷

As a new teacher to Yoga Garden I’d like to introduce myself and invite you to join me for Power Yoga on Sundays at 4:30.  While I’m new to Yoga Garden, I’m not so new to yoga.  I stated practicing when I was pregnant with my first baby … she’s now 21.  I started teaching about a year after my second baby was born … she’s now 20.  So you could say I’ve been around the yoga block (pun intended!).Over the years both my personal practice and my teaching have had their own ebbs and flows.  I joked with Katie the first time I met her that I had “fallen off the yoga wagon.”  She happily helped me to jump back on.  One thing I know to be true: My life – every aspect of it – is better with yoga.  And I want to share that with you!I have learned so much through my practice and my teaching; I thought I’d try to share a little bit of that with you.  So, here’s my “Top 10 list” of Yoga Wisdom:10. Your yoga practice is like a good mother.  She’s always there for you waiting with open arms when you decide to come back.9. Also, like your mother, when you come back she won’t cut you any slack as you move back in.  But strength and flexibility do come back.8. Even as the teacher, I don’t have to be the “best yogi in the room” … and I’m OK with that.7. Meet your practice where your body is today.  And that might be different from where it was yesterday or last year.  Modifications make for proper alignment.  You are not “sandbagging” if you use them. As a matter of fact, you will progress further and faster with them than you will without them.6. Meet your practice where it is today.  (Hey, wait a minute, wasn’t that #7?) Don’t let your modifications become a lazy crutch.  Number 7 tells you to modify your practice to meet your body’s needs.  As you progress, you also need to rise to meet your growing practice.  Don’t get too comfortable.5. Drop what you know.  This one comes directly from Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days (Google it). It also means to let go of your expectations.  I like the saying “Think you can or think you can’t, either way you’ll be right.”  What would happen if you were open to whatever “is” instead of what you think “should be.”  Then you could be comfortable with wherever you are, and I guarantee that some nice surprises are in store for you.4. When you practice yoga, be sure to practice both Ahimsa and Satya.  Ahimsa is non harming, and satya is truthfulness.  You body sends signals of your limitations.  Only you (and not your teacher) gets these signals.  First, honor them and do no harm.  Second, recognize and be truthful to yourself about what these signals are … is it a signal that says, “you should really back off”, or is it a signal that says, “OMG, I really don’t want to do this right now.”  Then make your choice.  Your teacher will encourage you to push to your limits; only you know what is limiting you.  Be honest.3. Growth happens just beyond your limits.  Your teacher will encourage you to push your limits.  This is not because she is evil, or sadistic (though it may feel like it at the time.)  This is because this is where the growth happens.  Push.2. Breathe.  It opens the path.… and … drum roll…….The number 1 lesson in Yoga Wisdom….1. Everything is Yoga.  The lessons you learn on your mat directly affect your life and the way you choose to move through it.  Go back to each one and think about how it might apply outside of the studio.  Everything is better with yoga!Please join me in class on Sunday.  I’ll push you.  I’ll encourage you to find your limits.  I’ll offer options to help you find integrity in every pose.  I have no expectations about what your practice should look like on any given day, and will do my best to meet you where you are and encourage you to grow.

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