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Thank You To All Who Helped Create Our Studio!

Yoga Garden PBO has been a team effort from day one. I’m so grateful to all who contributed with their energy, enthusiasm, advice, hard work, and support.

Dharma Richards is a yogini with a kind heart and a head for business. How fortunate we are to have Dharma as our mentor, muse, and collaborator. My children, Austin and India Nykamp, have been patient with a mom who hasn’t been as available as usual these last months. Lyle Estill, chief cheerleader and trusted advisor, gave me wings and picked me up off the floor when I crashed. Trip Overholt is a superstar contractor, clever, talented, and patient with me when I got cranky. Katie Johnson’s enthusiasm and willingness to jump in with me on planning has made all the difference in the world. And Ilarion Updesh Kaur’s patient wisdom has been so needed and appreciated.

Our rock star “founding” teachers are the heart and soul of this studio, and we have built it together. We’ve shared meals and laughs together and discussed every aspect of our community: Kim Caraganis, Robin Hamilton, Andrea Sapienza, Katie Johnson, Ilarion Updesh Kaur, Helen Cobler, Meadow DeFoche Christ, Emily Behr, Christine Chase. No detail too small for this wonder crew.

Friends who have been generous with their time, talents, advice, enthusiasm, connections: Tami Schwerin, Cathy Brooksie Edwards, Kersten Fitzgerald, Gillian Corzine, Rhesa Versola. They’ve jumped in on everything from space planning to gardening, photography and ribbon cutting.

Many local businesses and artisans have contributed to the studio; doing business in this sweet town is a joy. Purchasing the building at 184 East Street from Elizabeth Anderson was such fun… David Brooks was so kind and helpful with our permitting….Heather Johnson of Chatham Business is an incredible connector….Teresa Farrell at SunTrust goes way, way above and beyond…. Elizabeth Maclachlan had the dubious honor of trying to teach me Quickbooks and she did it with good humor. Local artisans Janice Rieves, Andrea Batsche from Studio 17, and the metal sculpting dream team Austin and Lyle are helping make our studio a creative and beautiful space. Arlo Estill from Hempsmith is a tough negotiator but his really cool shirts are worth it.

I want to also recognize my Dad, Peter Wolf, who supports everything I do, and makes me feel like I can do anything.

There were many others whose advice, support, and referrals helped pave the way and are continuing to do so. I look forward to our little community growing and thriving.

Huge hugs and gratitude to all.

Love, Lexie

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