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Yoga and Resiliency – by Whitney

In 2001, I received a phone call at work that my sister was at a New York City hospital after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. She was later transferred to an inpatient treatment at a center for brain injury rehabilitation, and after that, she returned home to live with my parents and spent the remaining 15 years of her life living with a range of symptoms relating to that traumatic brain injury, as well as unrelated & underlying health conditions.

2.5 million traumatic brain injuries occur within the US each year

It is that type of rehab center where my sister was sent, and yoga studios across the country, where Love Your Brain Foundationprovides support to people who have experienced a TBI and their caregivers to participate in a free six-week gentle yoga and meditation series designed based on the science of resilience. At the core of these programs is the belief that yoga and meditation can empower individuals to positively adapt to changes in their lives.

25% of individuals who sustain a TBI report suicidal ideation or attempt suicide

With all my hours of training and classes, workshops, and retreats that I have facilitated throughout the world, I felt a particularly deep satisfaction upon completing my Love Your Brain Yoga Training. Through that training, I became more knowledgeable & able to share the gifts of yoga and meditation with this community. It is an opportunity for me to stay connected with the memory of my sister, and to provide community and support for others that share this journey.

No two injuries are alike nor do they create the same challenges for patients and their families, often creating feelings of isolation and ‘aloneness’.

On Friday March 30th 6:30pm – 7:30pm I will be leading “Soul Stretch” – a donation class to raise money for Love Your Brain (LYB) Foundation and their Mindful March campaign (March is Brain Injury Awareness month). All are welcome regardless of past yoga/movement experience. I am grateful to YGPBO for hosting and for providing our community with this opportunity to learn more about LYB and to join others for a grounding & soulful practice to finish out their week.

Click here for more information about the class or to donate. 

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