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Please donate to sustain Sunday Morning Meditation & Conversation (Satsang) with Tom. We are greatful for your support. 

Join us for a transformational weekend filled with six enlightening workshops and events for self-discovery, connection, and personal growth. Join the full immersion or curate your own retreat – each workshop is also offered individually.


Dive deep into the heart of Tantra on this intimate retreat with interactive workshops, ceremony and ritual, Tantric teachings, Tibetan magic and spiritual alchemy. Whether you're new to Tantra or have previous experience, this weekend is open to all individuals eager to explore and grow. Come with an open heart and a willingness to embrace new possibilities!


Miguel Amaru

Miguel Amaru is an internationally recognized medicine musician, esoteric educator, and ceremonial facilitator. With 20 years of experience in yoga, tantra, shamanism, inner alchemy and ceremonial magic, he guides participants through transformative experiences with workshops and immersive ceremonies. Miguel is enthusiastic about creating community and empowering others on their self-discovery journeys. Learn more at .



Tantra 101- Unlock Your Inner Power: An Interactive Workshop on Ancient Techniques for Spiritual Growth and Transformation 11am-1pm
Do you feel like there's more to life than meets the eye? Have you wanted to tap into your inner wisdom and hidden abilities, but weren't sure where to start? In this experiential workshop, mystic teacher Miguel Antonio will guide you through powerful practices to unlock your spiritual potential.


Discover how to:

●      Awaken your energetic centers to experience deeper states of bliss, insight, and connection

●      Harness ancient techniques like breathwork, meditation, and energy movement to boost vitality and spiritual          perception

●      Develop intuitive abilities like clairvoyance, precognition, and reading energy

●      Access mystical states and make direct contact with the divine

●      Apply the wisdom of yoga, shamanism, and alchemy to transform your daily life




Gourmet vegan lunch and conversation 1-2:30pm 

A beautiful vegan lunch prepared by top tier chef Reina G will be offered for $33. More information to come. 


Ecstatic Temple Dance: A Tantric Initiation into Bliss & Self-Love 2:30-4:30
Through the power of presence, awaken your body's innate pleasure potential. 

This is a mystic journey of self-discovery through tantric dance, shamanic breath and inner alchemy. In this consent based, solo-practice Tantra Temple, tantric alchemist Miguel Amaru will facilitate a profound journey of self-acceptance, embodied liberation and awakening.


In a safe, supportive space we will:

  • Release emotional armor and mental limitations keeping you from wholeness

  • Energize and invigorate your body through dance, breath, and meditation

  • Open energy channels to increase vibrancy, joy, and spiritual flow

  • Deepen intimacy with yourself through conscious touch and presence practices

  • Unleash your sensual power and full-body bliss states

  • Increase gratitude for the miracle of embodiment

  • Reconnect with your authentic wholeness beyond stories and judgments


Spirit fully embodied...

This is an individual self-love experience focused on your relationship with your own body, heart, and spirit - not dependent on a partner. Through this powerful practice, reconnect with your core essence - and reclaim your birthright of ecstatic living. Say yes to the wisdom of your body. Let go and awaken to the sensual rapture within! 




Blue Lotus & Kanna Ceremony with Mantra and Medicine Music 5-8pm

Join us for an extraordinary evening of heart-opening ritual and grounded ceremony as we immerse ourselves in the ethereal sounds of mantra, medicine music and sound healing.

Discover the magic of ancient traditions blended seamlessly, weaving a tapestry of prayer, unity, healing and connection. 


The sacred Blue Lotus and Kanna tea will be ceremoniously prepared, offering you a gentle yet profound journey within. Unlock hidden dimensions of consciousness and foster a heightened sense of awareness during this intentional tea ceremony. Experience and participate in the euphoric rhythms of mantra and medicine music, relaxing in the glow of heightened awareness and heart-centered connection. 





Evening Meal 8-9:30pm

A beautiful post-ceremony healthy vegan meal prepared by top tier chef Reina G will be offered for $33. More information to come. 







Tantra 102: Master the Elements: A Practical Workshop on Shamanic Alchemy for Empowerment 9am-11am

Do you want to harness the primal forces of nature for spiritual growth, healing, and manifestation? Join us as we bridge ancient wisdom with modern practices in this interactive elemental workshop.


In this class, Miguel will guide you through:

  • An introduction to shamanic alchemy - learn how indigenous traditions leveraged the elements

  • Discovering the elements within - practical techniques to connect with earth, air, fire, water & ether in your        own body

  • Elemental tools for everyday life - use the elemental correspondences for balance, alignment, and energy         clearing

  • Empowerment through the elements - rituals and practices for spiritual development and conscious creation

  • Alchemical reactions - how to combine elemental forces for deep transformation


Regardless of your background, this workshop provides an experiential journey into the magic of the elements. Through interactive rituals, you'll learn how to work intrinsically with these primal forces for greater clarity, vitality and mind-body harmony. Expand your spiritual toolkit and reawaken your innate elemental powers!



The Breath of Life: Conscious Breathwork 11:30-1:30pm

Experience a powerful awakening through the transformative art of conscious breathwork. In this immersive ceremony, Miguel will initiate you into ancient yogic, tantric and alchemical breathing techniques to expand your consciousness and spark deep healing.


Through specific breath techniques, this workshop will guide you to:

●      Access higher states of awareness and mystical perceptions

●      Generate deep emotional healing and breakthroughs

●      Release stored trauma and energy blockages

●      Experience a renewed sense of inner peace and self-realization

●      Increase mind-body connection and energetic sensitivity

●      Discover your innate power through conscious breath


If you feel called to go deeper, this event is for you. The intensive breath techniques can create intense and cathartic experiences as you shed old layers and step into expanded consciousness. Come prepared to surrender and explore the deepest aspects of your being. Allow these ancient breaths to empower your body, heart and spirit




Gourmet vegan lunch and conversation 1:30-3pm

A beautiful vegan lunch prepared by top tier chef Reina G will be offered for $33. More information to come. 


Cheesecake Yoga: A Journey Within 3-5pm

Awaken your senses with rituals of reverence in this fusion of ancient practices and modern wisdom. Connect with the meditative power of movement, delve into Himalayan Energy Yoga, and savor mindful bites of expertly crafted raw vegan cheesecake! Join us for a unique journey within, discovering heightened states of consciousness and the blissful union of spirit and matter. This event includes:


  • Movement & connection - channeling the spirit of Shiva. Connect with the meditative power of movement and interpersonal connection, opening up the channels of perception of our own divine nature within and without.


  • Tibetan yoga and breathwork  - delve into the profound techniques of Tibetan yoga and breathwork, a gateway to unlock your vital force. Immerse in practices that harmonize breath, movement, and energy, echoing the ancient Himalayan traditions.


  • Cheesecake Yoga - A delightful journey of consciousness. Savor each moment with expertly crafted raw vegan cheesecake, indulging in a slow, mindful exploration of flavor and sensation. Witness how 'cheesecake flavored consciousness' remains, dissolving into the ground of being, echoing the principles shared by eastern scholars and spiritual masters alike. Inspired by the wisdom of Kashmiri Shaiva Tantra and Vajrayana Buddhist Tantra, immerse yourself in the yogic and tantric principles of finding bliss, wisdom, and spirit in the mundane. Every bite becomes a portal to heightened awareness and the revelation of your true nature.


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