When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

-Buddhist proverb

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Kim Caraganis has lived in the woods of Chatham County since 1974. Building their own home, she and her husband, Lewie raised three sons on the Rocky River. She began taking yoga classes from her friend and teacher Cathy Holt in 2000. In 2010 inspired to deepen her study of yoga and teach she completed the Yoga*Body Mind Spirit 200 hr. teacher training with Lisa Clark and David Beadle. In 2016, she completed an additional 200 hour Thousand Petals Yoga Anusara-based teacher training with Sommer and Paul Sobin. Kim teaches Hatha Yoga and integrates a fusion of different styles she has learned along her yoga path.


She is excited to be part of Yoga Garden Pittsboro sharing a joyful practice, meeting each student where they are on the mat.


Kim Caraganis


Brian earned a Masters degree in spiritually oriented psychotherapy from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now called Sofia) in Palo Alto California where he trained in cross cultural healing and movement arts. He has been practicing hatha vinyasa yoga for over 12 years and has been teaching a slow and powerful flow for over 5. Brian is also a recent graduate of kundalini yoga teacher training as taught by Yogi Bajan and utilizes the science of kundalini yoga to generate the maximum amount of spiritual growth and personal wellness for his students in the shortest amount of time. In his teaching, Brian utilizes a combination of yogic arts, authentic movement, dance, and cutting edge psychotherapy to create an atmosphere that is deep, transformative, and light. Come join Brian in following the intuitive wisdom of the body as we breathe, stretch, and dance our way to a more vibrant life.

For more information on Brian and his offerings visit: www.theunwindingway.org


Brian Cooper


Originally drawn to yoga as a method of stress relief and a method to maintain flexibility while serving in the U.S. Army, Meadow has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Although originally intended to be a complement to a more traditional fitness routine that consisted of running and lifting weights, it was in the last 4 years that Meadow decided to become a devout yoga practitioner and incorporate it as a complete lifestyle. It has been through a daily practice that she has been able to relieve the chronic, debilitating pain she endured for years following a car wreck after incalculable doctors’ visits and physical therapy could not provide lasting comfort. Through her practice, she has been able to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

Meadow studied Classical Hatha-Raja Yoga under Dharma Richards in 2015 to earn her 200-hour yoga teacher certification, and chose to continue her studies under Dharma to complete her 500-hour certification in 2017. She holds a Yoga Warriors certification, which is a program developed to help those experiencing the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is also a certified Restorative Yoga teacher.


Meadow DeFosche-Christ


Robin Hamilton is a native Californian, avid yogi and a foodie. Holding a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University and Natural Chef Certificate from Central Carolina Community College, where she is currently an instructor, Robin enjoys sharing her experiences of health and nutrition with others. She is passionate about the relationship between what we eat and the effect it has on our physical, emotional and spiritual energies; believing food can be applied therapeutically to nourish and heal. She appreciates that yoga is also prescribed to nourish and heal on these levels, therefore she intends to incorporate a holistic model in her teachings and classes. Robin completed her 230 hour yoga teacher training at Heart of Yoga (Carrboro, NC) in February 2015 and taught there until the birth of her son in October 2015, and has taught at Yoga Garden PBO since it’s opening in June of 2017.


She encourages every-body to participate in a vinyasa flow class that focuses on nutritional and yogic health. Peace and good eats!


Robin Hamilton

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Devon has had a personal vinyasa yoga practice since 1996, and has enjoyed the benefits of greater flexibility & strength, as well as the connection to self, and calming energy it brings to her life.  She has two daughters, and has lived with her husband, nestled in the woods of Pittsboro in Chatham County, since 2004.  In 2015 Devon completed her 85 hour certification for Prenatal Yoga with Andrea Dixon and Sara Doyle at Blue Point Yoga.  This compliments her career as a Birth Doula, and she incorporates teaching poses with her clients during prenatal meetings.  


Devon is full of gratitude for the opportunity to teach group classes for pregnant people, and help bring peaceful, grounding strength into their pregnancies. Devon believes that one can find benefits in yoga on many levels.  Mindfulness, connection to self, connection to the Divine & the Earth, return of the body to homeostasis, muscle & ligament length, increased blood flow, internal organ health, and just a good overall workout. 


Devon Handel

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Sam Moynan has been practicing yoga for five years and teaching since April 2018. She received her ryt-200 training through Hot Asana University. Her focus is on tuning in to your body and listening to what it is telling you while offering alignment cues to help you get the most out of your asana practice.


Often relating yoga back to nature and plants, her whole vision is to connect people back to Mother Earth, recalling our ancestral heritage. Her other loves and passions include herbal medicine, wild foraging, sustainable/regenerative agriculture, and self-development. Sam lives on a farm in Bear Creek, NC Where she stewards the land, plants, and animals through the practice of regenerative farming.  


Samantha Moynan


Jess first found yoga in gyms, looking for exercise; through a dedicated studio and home practice she realized that yoga was  so much more: a pathway for easing anxiety, finding self-acceptance, and restoring mind-body balance on and off the mat. 

A former special educator and current instructional designer, Jess is a teacher at heart and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Balance Through Movement so she can share what she loves about yoga with others. 

A certified Accessible Yoga instructor, Jess is passionate about inclusivity and self-compassion. Her goal is to help people listen to their bodies and focus more on what yoga feels like on the inside than on what it looks like on the outside.

Off the mat, Jess loves to spend time with her husband and rescue dogs as well as crocheting, gardening, hiking, reading, cooking, and eating! 


Jessica Palmer-Gwaltney


Lisa Pigeon has been practicing yoga since the birth of her first child in 2009, and she is committed to sharing the practice of yoga with others because of how profoundly it changed her life. The whole practice of yoga, over time, gave Lisa the tools necessary to reverse negative thought patterns and belief systems that blocked her from experiencing the fullness of self-love and inner peace that every person deserves. Yoga brought her mind and body into greater health and alignment, and it brings her the greatest Joy to watch her students expand into their fullest expression of Love.


Lisa is grateful to have completed her 200 hour teacher training in April, 2018 with Sage Rountree at Carolina Yoga Company, and continues to learn more every day. Lisa's teaching style is still evolving, but you will find that it is firmly rooted in a breath centered vinyasa style.


Lisa Pigeon


Dharma Richards, ERYT-500 is founder and owner of Yoga Garden Apex and co-founder and Director of Teacher Training at Yoga Garden Pittsboro. A Yoga Alliance Advanced Registered Yoga Teacher, Dharma is an instructor of both the Classical Hatha-Raja style and Kundalini Yoga, and encourages organic movement and an open heart as she routinely leads students through nurturing practices of pranayama/ breathwork, asana/physical postures, and dhyana/meditation. 


Dharma hosts workshops, intensives, retreats and teacher trainings nationwide and in the Caribbean. Dharma’s studies continue with her beloved teacher Chandra Om, senior disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra, and HarDarshan and HarBhajan Kaur Khalsa.  Her certifications also include Core Strength Vinyasa, Judith Lasater’s Relax & Renew, Prenatal, Children’s, Yin, and Yoga Warriors (for PTSD).  Dharma is also a certified Reiki Master and continues studies in Thai Massage (Nuad Boran).  For detailed information, see Dharma’s Personal Website.

Co-Founder + Director of Teacher Training 

Dharma Richards

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Joy Scott discovered yoga in 2012 when she showed up for a free class at a local studio and was hooked. After sampling an array of classes and styles, she was introduced to the Ashtanga mysore program and studied under Elizabeth Sitzler, certified teacher and student of Sharath Jois. Joy was immediately attracted to the elegance of the practice and ultimately with the unending possibilities and breakthroughs in her own practice.  This led her to jump into teacher training so she could share the magic with others. Joy completed her 200 hour teacher training at Prana Das Yoga in the Philadelphia area.

Joy is also a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and her passion for nourishing the body with healthful foods pairs well with the many practices of yoga: asanas, meditation, and pranayama.


Joy Scott


Christine has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 25 years, ever since she fell in love with her first Kripalu style class.  Her roots run deep in that lineage of yoga and she teaches in a classical hatha style.  Inspired by learning from an Iyengar teacher, she loves to focus on alignment.  Christine started her teaching journey by opening her own studio and has spent her entire adult life looking for balance.  Yoga helps her find it on and off the mat.  


Christine Sicinski 


Tom Thompson is a teacher of Conscious Living.​

In 1964, at the age of fifteen, Tom became a student of human psychology and a practitioner of the yogic pathways and enlightenment traditions. He has the great fortune of training in depth with a number of exceptional teachers in both the enlightenment traditions and western psychology.

While pursuing spiritual realization, Tom had many jobs in many different fields. All were important in terms of his personal growth and evolution, but the most important was working 13 years as a mental health worker in psychiatry. He also has extensive training and experience in several different therapeutic modalities including hypnotherapy, transactional analysis, energy psychology and HeartMath®.

Tom has been a guest on radio and TV shows. His writings have been published in newspapers, magazines, books and his website blog. He has taught throughout the United States at universities, Hospices, spiritual centers, hospitals, and other places. In 1982 Tom co-founded  the Woodbury Yoga Center in Connecticut. In 1990 he co-founded  The Awakened Heart Center for Conscious Living in North Carolina.

In 2017  Tom began offering satsang and Hamsa Meditation at The Yoga Garden PBO.

Tom is also available for private consultations. Learn more about Tom at theawakenedheartcenter.com. 


Tom Thompson

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Lexie Wolf is a devoted practitioner of yoga and wellness. Her other passions include helping to create healthy communities, growing things, raising her teenagers without losing her mind, playing tennis & being active, and trying to achieve Enlightenment.

Lexie was born and raised in the New York City area and relocated with her family to North Carolina in 2005. Her professional background includes a decade in marketing and public relations and seven years in the public health/nonprofit world focusing on nutrition and physical activity.

Lexie has practiced yoga for twenty years and graduated from Yoga Garden PBO's first 200-hour yoga teacher training class with Dharma Richards in August 2018. She is dedicated to helping make Yoga Garden PBO a joyful and loving community, and is incredibly grateful for the gift of this work.

Owner + Teacher

Lexie Wolf


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